Portugal surfing 2016 PT1

There are many beautiful countries around the globe, but if there are places where I would like to spend more than just a vacation that that would be Faroe Islands with their cold nordic landscape and Portugal, with its hot summers. A few years ago I discovered for myself surfing, and although I would not consider my self as a surfer I would pretty much want to have such skills. Below are tiny part of this summer spent in Ericeira, Portugal, where we joined Liquid Earth ‘s  team to capture some of the action. BTW they have plenty to offer for your vacation- starting from bike rides and surf lessons and even paint ball and jet sky rides. If you are chasing adrenaline and want to know more about what they can offer just check them out!!! Home for us was fancy Softwater Hostel . Must admit that I’m not a big fan of hostels as such, but just check these guys out, its not just a hostel!!

More galleries of surfing and lifestyle in Portugal coming soon.

ps. Enorme obrigado Igor, Eduardo e Guilherme  !!! Espero ve-lo em breve. :)


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