Riga Lions vs Tartu Titans



Again with american football.

Here’s a report from Baltic Sea League american football  game between Riga and Tartu that took place in Riga on 2015-04-18. Tartu pretty much destroyed Riga and the final score was  6:51. Let’s see how Riga will prepare for the next game and whish us better luck next time!

MVP’s:Viljams Timrots/Rikko Leheveer

A lot more photos can be find here.



Riga Lions vs Kaliningrad Amber Hawks

Hi guys,


American football is not that popular game here in Riga, however, we have new but strong team that had a international friendly game against Kaliningrad(Russia). It wasnt a lot of time for me to dig in all the game details, as I tried my sports photography skills. Well ints not that easy as it can look for someone but it heluva good practice to capture fast, amend setings on the run, try to fill the frame and try to not step in to the field.  Great game for both teams and  Riga won 44:14, so thats excelent ending for sunday as well.

ps. Im publishing here only 9 pics, but in the link below you will find full report of the game, as I know how appreciated by the player is that he can see his photo not only others, and since this is more of a enthusiastic thing, why not!






With a begining of new year it is pritty comon to set new goals, targets and commitments. I would say that one of popular ones is to spend more time in sport activities. Well, actualy I am no exeption in this ” NY madness”, so I hope I will spend more time in gym+ some time with boksing bag, on working on my body and I would suggest the same to you.

But I think its enough about the commitments, and more about the pics below. Model in these pics is K-1 champion in Latvia Artūrs Ozoliņš. These were taken at regular workout in VEF Budo Center. Since this was a workout and there were other people training, there were only a few time windows to get the images in addition it was really chalanging to  exclude all other peaple from the frame. Nevertheless I am glad with the expirience and results. I am sure that I will shoot more these type of sesions.

- Cheers


Evening folks,

Here’s a few photos from shoot with in my new project”Alone doesn’t mean lonely”. As my model this time is Edgars, who’s passion is to play guitar. For this photo shoot he choose semi-acustic guitar, only for the reason that it looks stunning. Mainly he is playing both electric and acoustic guitars but those are not the only instruments Edgars is good at, he’s part is also vocal singing in his band. At the moment his band is working on their EP, so looking forward to hearing some fresh music from their side. Getting back to the shoot it self, this was first time for using smoke bombs in order to get fog effect. In addition to fog I used so called “strobist” technic ,though mainly with one light but in some of pics i used cheap Chine strobes as fill light. Some of the photos are light with warm colors, but as always I’m using cold tones for the ones I like the most.




Mr Rockstar



My friend Saule got back from Ireland and we had one evening to create something really great and something we would be, well if not proud that satisfied at least, as most of the time hi was busy cooking something fresh in record studio. In our photo shoot we use Max Supreme goggles – sun and optical glasses hand made wooden in Latvia. Shades that protect eyes, beard that has grown even bigger and pics that become even greater… always pleasure to work with!

- Take care


Hi all,

This time there is not going to be any introduction or other story how was it going behind the camera told, just thanks to model- my friend Ary. These are couple of shots I took of him.

- Cheers!

Bearded Gentleman PT2


Another day- another photosession! In spite of rain, thunder and storm that was going on shooting day, we managed to make splendid photoshoot. Big thanks to Ramona Lazda : style + make up and thumbs up to Kristaps as this was his first photoshoot.

Greek woman

Hi ya all!

Heres a one more photoshoot with Monta. All of this was taken in Cyprus, Limasol. Shortly the main idea was to try make this a little bit of fashion look a like but concentrate on the greek women theme. It was late evening and we were the last tourists in the place on that gods damn hot place :D Well as per myself, I think result is fabulous!

If you are up to something interesting as well… use contacts, and together we will make it happen!

Cheers !

American Football in Latvia

Hi folks,


Heres some news from Riga, finaly there is a  American football team – Riga Lions (check their page – now they are recruiting, so if you’re not a sissy and have big enough balls theres your chance to prove it ) . I had a privilage to take some photos of one of the players Viljams Timrots who accepted my offer for a demo photoshoot. It was a cloudy and a rainy day, but I think we managed to make some good photos, and most important- it was fun! Looking in to make some new projects with Viljams and Lions in the future since it was productive, fun and I already have some awesome ideas that includes football .


You will  find six photos below, and one extra in my portfolio page.


Bearded gentleman

Hi folks,

A friend of mine got back from Ireland, and during his short visit we managed to make an awesome photoshoot. It was quite quick, but I think really productive, but you can judge the outcome below.

Thanks to model Saule  Andris (follow him on instagram @IchSaule) and gorgeous hair and make-up artist -Ramona Lazda

- Cheers

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