Another round of enthusiast volleyball.

More photo soon on EVL official site : http://evl-riga.entuziasti.com//#/0

Captain Morgan Latvia promotions

Volleyball – EVL


It seems that I will take more photos of sports action. Ive been playing volley since I was about 10years old, and it has been a passion of mine for a long time. So I though, why not to combine two of my big hobbies- volleyball and photography. Below is a sneakpeek from photos soon to be published on Entuziastu Volejbola Līga. Actually I believe this was the first time for me taking photos of volley, and I must admit – its not the easiest sport (like i have big experience in this haha) being captured, nevertheless I had lots of challenges but whats more important lots of fun! Usually Im a bit sceptic about my photos, but this time I believe they are quite neat.

So if you think your hobbie or what ever deserves to have a good photos- just drop me a email and lets discuss how can we make that happen! :)


- Cheers

Portugal DLW pt2

For bookings contact DelaWake

AG BD #30

Portugal DLW


wake..surf… chill…


Captain Morgan Promotions

Hei there,


Below are a few of the latest CM promo night pics, more can be found in CM Latvia Facebook page.

Faroe Islands


It has now been a year since our (Me and Madara) trip to small group of islands based in the north. Faroe islands are not that popular for tourism if you compare with Iceland, but that is the exact reason why these islands are even more interesting! Huge thank you for everyone who helped this happen and I hope to see you again soon. Pics and video from the trip can be found below.

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Santa Muerte

Hi there,


Friday evening spent in spontaneous santa muerte style photoshoot. This time, one spot and BW pics :)




Riga Lions Vs Minsk Pagans



Here’s a report from Baltic Sea League game Riga vs Minsk on 2015-05-01. Final result 28:8

More photos here


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